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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Mitt-Picked Tropical Passion, 20 Count Tin by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Tropical blend of Chinese black tea, passion fruit and guava fruit...
  • Unique pyramid shape of the tea bag lets the leaves fully expand...
  • Exotic and alluring, with the seductively sweet-tart fragrance of...

Product Description

Whole leaf tea bags. The tropical tastes of Chinese Black Tea, Passion and Guava Fruit flavoring with Tropical Flowers. Tropical Passion: Imagine flawless white-sand beaches, untouched tropical rain forests as you smell the warm, gentle spirit and tropical allure of this exotic tea. Our classic...


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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Worker-Picked Apricot Ceylon, 20-Count Tin by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Tea harvested in Sri Lanka
  • Unique pyramid shape of the tea bag lets the leaves fully expand...
  • Memorable and distinctive light-bodied tea with a floral, fruity aroma

Product Description

Whole leaf tea bags. A fragrant infusion of Apricot flavor with our exclusive Bogawantalawa Estate Ceylon Tea. Naturally and artificially flavored. Apricot Ceylon: We combined the juicy ripe flavoring of summers best apricots with our exclusive Bogawantal


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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Nonpareil, 20 Count Tin, 2.11oz by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Tea harvested in China
  • During the steeping process, pearls slowly unfurl to release a...
  • 20 count tin

Product Description

Whole leaf tea bags. A delicate Chinese Green Tea scented with Jasmine Flowers, according to a 9th century recipe, and a rolled into a 'Pearl'. Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl: Two beautiful young leaves and one bud are carefully plucked then hand-rolled.


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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Present to-Picked Lemon Chamomile, 20 Count Tin by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Premium Whole Leaf Tea Bags
  • An infusion of Lemon Grass and Chamomile with a hint of orange for...

Product Description

Infusion tea bags. Caffeine free. An infusion of Lemon Grass and Chamomile with a hint of Orange for a light and soothing drink. Naturally and artificially flavored. Lemon Chamomile: Always a traditional favorite, the chamomile plant has been the domestic

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Green Mountain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee, 10 CT (Pack of 6)

by Green Mountain (Coffee Beans & Grind Coffee)

Price: $61.29
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Alder Creek Gift Baskets Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Basket, Brown/Toffee (Almond/Toffee)

by Alder Creek Gift Baskets (Miscellaneous)

Price: $53.99
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Nesco (r) Pro Series Coffee Bean Roaster

Seller: by NA NA

Roast up to 1/3 lb of beans, craft custom signature coffee.

Cuisinart (r) Grind & Brew (tm) 12 Cup Automatic Coffeemaker With Bean Hopper; Silver/Black

Seller: by NA NA

Brew Pause (tm) feature lets you enjoy a cup before brewing is finished.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Individualist Ice Blended Coffee Drink | Get the Dish

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a Los Angeles-based coffee sequence, is famous for its Ice Blended drink,.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg Healthy Origins 120 VCaps
Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg Healthy Origins 120 VCaps


Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg by Healthy Origins 120 VegCap Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg 120 VegCap A vast number of people enjoy coffee on a frequent basis. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world and preferred by more Americans than tea. While the flavor and the caffeine...

Frontier Natural Products 227308 Coffee & Tea Filters
Frontier Natural Products 227308 Coffee & Tea Filters


Features Easy to use in single cup or full teapot - replaces the need for a tea ball Disposable paper filter is 100 percent natural and biodegradable Steeping bag maximizes the flavor from your favorite tea Type - Coffee & Tea Filters Unbleached Count - 40


Lindsey Loves…

Just had a much needed skin of one's teeth cut and my head feels light and swiiishy. Source: sconesandteeea

A Divert Weekend at Peoples and Beyond

A complicated weekend in the life of Peoples UMC started on May 20,Friday evening, when the garden committee gathered in Ellis Foyer to sort, label and price several hundred assorted floral and herbal plants that had been donated by members of the... Source: Peoples UMC News

Latest News

  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to put a lid on Gayley position

    05/23/16 ,via Daily Bruin

    Hernandez said most employees will last to work at other Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations, including the other Westwood Village location on Westwood Boulevard. He added he could not disclose what type of keep would replace the Coffee Bean & Tea 


  • Master Davey and the Magic Tea House Ebook 2013. ISBN: 9780988697041,0988697041.

    Master Davey's precious Blue Tiger Tea is about to disappear from the world forever. Can Hopper Smith, a boy with the power to unlock the stories hidden inside each tea, fidn the courage to face...

  • Confessions of a Coffee Bean

    Square One Publishers, Inc.. 2001. ISBN: 0757000207,9780757000201. 194 pages.

    A guide to coffee covers its history, including the evolution of coffehouses and other aspects of coffee culture, along with recipes for different kinds of coffee and desserts.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Decorous Store

Acceptable to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®! Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, we offer some of the world's best coffees and teas. Against now!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia

Coffee and tea public limited company. Provides product information, store locator, promotions and job vacancies.

purple tea
DELICIOUS, it's called swedish berries from coffee bean and tea leaf, apparently has hibiscus n' raisins n' shit in it to make a tasty cup of win, and it is purple so I guess that's just fine
Photo by iProd on Flickr
coffee french restaurant bistro espresso longblack kyneton anniesmithersbistro theagegoodfoodguide2009 onechefhat
Long Black - Grata Espresso - Annie Smithers Bistrot
We started with the cheese puffs, and it was like biting into little puffs of air. It was so light that spearing it with a fork was too hard, and we had to resort to fingers. We suspect that it is a basic souffle mix...
Photo by avlxyz on Flickr
coffee french poetry quote books cappuccino coffeebeans
Je Veux
"Un 'bonjour', un bisou, et un cafe. Un 'bon appetit', der rires et un the. Un 'comment ca va', une caresse et du vin. Un 'dors bie', un regarde et un 'je t'aime'." [ I want a 'hello', a kiss and a...
Photo by Amapolas Co on Flickr
japan kyotoandnaga
Green Team made from Matcha
Matcha is powdered green tea. It's added first to the cup, then boiling water is poured in. Next a bamboo wisk is used to mix and froth it all up. That's a sweet bean candy on the saucer.
Photo by J. Rob McC on Flickr
black coffee americano thecoffeebean
Americano @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Phoenix Marketcity
went to Phoenix mall with Santosh and could not resist myself to order an Americano @ The Coffee Bean.
Photo by Anil Wadghule on Flickr
tea leafbean
Tea Testing
Went in to the Bean this morning to do some work, ended up having a tea party with Will. Comparing new yerba mate to old yerba mate.
Photo by Jayeb333 on Flickr
northampton tea teacup greenbean sencha gingertea
How we'd missed it.
Photo by quinn.anya on Flickr
coffee drink beverage coffeeshop latte cappucino cbtl coffeebean hotdrink coffeebeantealeaf coffeecollection
Cappuccino by Coffee Bean
Photo by Iana Peralta on Flickr

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