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Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 2 Quart - Perform as serve as Amazing Cold Brew Coffee and Tea with This Durable Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter and Stainless Steel Lid by County Line Kitchen

  • Safe - No BPA, no plastics. Our brewer's components are all made of...
  • Effortlessly make delicious cold brew with the amazing County Line...
  • Ball mason jars are made to last and built to withstand the canning...

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Simply pour coarse ground coffee into the filter basket, add water and allow to steep for 24 to 48 hours. Remove the filter basket and discard the grounds and you have 1.5 quarts of delicious coffee concentrate. All components are dishwasher safe.




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KLEIN Cold Brew Kit – Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Wide-ranging Mouth Mason Jar Filter for Brewing Coffee Concentrate and Infused Tea at Home – 100 Micron Mesh – Stainless Steel – Unlock Spoon & Silicone Seal by Klein Industries

  • FITS ALL WIDE MOUTH MASON JARS: Our versatile Mason Jar Infuser and...
  • COMPLETE COLD BREW SYSTEM: The Klein Cold Brew Kit is designed from...
  • ICED COFFEE, TEA, INFUSED WATER, NUT MILK: Perfect as a loose leaf...

Product Description

- Stainless steel filter
- Silicone seal
- Spoon

1. Pour coffee grounds and water into the filter.
2. Cover and allow to steep for 12-24 hours.
3. Remove the filter and discard the grounds, enjoy!



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Ultra-OK Mesh Cold Brew Coffee Filter to Use with 2-Quart Mason Jar by Geesta

  • ULTRA-FINE: The stainless steel infuser is rated with 600 mesh to...
  • ENDLESS USES: In addition to cold brew coffee, you can also use the...
  • BEST MATERIALS: Brew coffee through the premium stainless steel...

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Join the Geesta Iced Coffee Revolution and brew delicious, fresh cold brew coffee at home. The iced coffee maker system combines two simple materials that you can set up in seconds to brew coffee overnight in the refrigerator. Through the slow steeping process, cold brew coffee is nearly...


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Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Iced Tea Maker | Quart (32oz) | Cold Brew Pattern With Bamboo Lid & Stainless Steel Filter | by Simple Life Cycle (Bamboo, 32oz)

  • FITS QUART AND HALF GALLON MASON JARS | This cold brew coffee maker...
  • NO PLASTIC | No need to worry about BPA or other potentially...
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN | This cold brew coffee system is easy to use...

Product Description

Start making delicious cold brew coffee in this one of a kind cold brew coffee maker! Our reusable cold brew kit is made from simple, earth friendly materials: bamboo, glass, silicone and stainless steel. No plastic, completely BPA free! The beautiful bamboo lid cover really makes a statement,...

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Hario Water Dripper Clear - WDC-6 - Cold Brew Coffee Dripper (from 2 stores)

by Hario (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $290.00 - $290.00
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For a smooth, mellow brew, this beautifully designed coffeemaker uses the classic cold-drip method to produce full-flavored coffee concentrate ideal for making iced beverages and for use in recipes. Use right away or store the concentrate in the fridge, so when youa re ready for a steaming cup of coffee, just mix with hot water. The classic brewing system brings out coffeea s flavor and aroma...

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Sur La Table Sur La Table $290.00 Shop »
Sur La Table Sur La Table $290.00 Shop »
KitchenAid KCG0702CU Burr Coffee Grinder, Contour Silver

by Stalion (Miscellaneous)

Price: $249.95
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Grady's Cold Brew Grady's Cold Brew Coffee Beans - 12 Each-12 Each

Seller: Puritan's Pride Puritan's Pride

From the Manufacturer: Make Your Own Iced Coffee! Gradys Cold Brew Bean Bags are a DIY cold brew kit that lets anyone make a weeks worth of cold-brewed iced coffee fresh at home. The compact, collectible can contains four bean bagsliterally, bags filled with our famous iced coffee recipe of ground coffee beans, chicory, and spicesthat you soak overnight in water and easily dispose of (or...

STARESSO SP-200 Manual Coffee Maker with Espresso Cappuccino Quick Cold Brew All in One

Seller: EachBuyer EachBuyer

1 ESPRESSO foam + CAPPUCCINO STARESSO ice drops STARESSO American coffee coffee capsules five functions in one. 2 portable easy to use easy to clean. 3 no electricity unlimited use. 4 the core components of all imported food grade materials safe and secure. Model: SP-200 Colour: Pink/black Main material: 304 stainless steel Tank material: PCTG Product size: 204 * 71 * 71mm Maximum tank...


Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Examination!

Cold brew coffee tastes incredibly unconstrained, isn't just for ice coffee, and it's easy to make.

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Washable Disc Filter for Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Makers
Washable Disc Filter for Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Makers


Cold brew coffee is a life saver for those of us who love coffee, but not what the acidity does to our stomachs. This filter is stainless steel, so there's no loss of any of the flavor or caffeol oils that can be absorbed by paper filters. Plus this filter is washable and reusable; just rinse it...

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black DRX5-RB
Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black DRX5-RB


Classic functionality keeps brewing simple and easy. Just set it up, turn it on and brew. There you have it! Rich-tasting coffee expertly-brewed for you without the fuss. Set it ahead of time with Delay Brew and stir your senses as you wake up to aromatic, freshly-brewed coffee. Grab-A-Cup Auto...


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    05/10/16 ,via EcoWatch

    If you're using any other container or jar, take over the top with a cheesecloth. Then let the concoction “brew” for 12 to 20 hours at room temperature. Fun fact: cold brew coffee is much less acidic than regular—some sources say up to 67 percent!—making


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  • New Ways to Brew Coffee

    05/13/16 ,via abc27

    The $50 Oxo Cold Brew is basically a filtered container on a confirm. Fill it with water and grounds, and the coffee decants slowly into the carafe in 12 to 24 hours. You could also just use a unadorned glass jar and pour the liquid off before you get to the ...

  • Grudging Business Brewing: Red Thread Good Brings Cold Brew Out of the Hamptons

    05/20/16 ,via Village Voice

    The coffee at the inventory would always be served cold on ... Red Thread Good now ships out sixteen-ounce jars of their concentrated cold brew, advantage bags of beans and single-serve K-cups. While they’ve grown to shipping out up to 2,000 cases a month ...


How to Cold Brew Coffee - The Nourishing Gastronome

Cold brew coffee makes a mellow, non-bitter coffee that is especially perfect for iced coffee. I shared this over at the other week, but it’s such a ...

Cold Brew Coffee - Instructables

Intro: Cold Brew Coffee. I've been a Barista in considerable end coffee for about 4 years now. One of the things you learn early on is that it is distasteful to ever ...

coffee drink iced
Iced coffee
I love iced coffee in hot weather, but I hate paying for it. Good thing it's ridiculously easy to make. I cold brew the coffee overnight: 1/3c ground coffee and 1 1/2 cups water in a jar or container at room...
Photo by eskay8 on Flickr
coffee coldbrew brewpony
Preparing to start
I bought a case of 1 quart wide-mouth Mason jars for this purpose. I only used eight of them (one for each flavor plus two batches of plain cold brew ).
Photo by VMBrasseur on Flickr
Cold brew Vietnamese coffee in the requisite mason jar. A spot of cream. #PMpickmeup
/via iPhone
Photo by Special*Dark on Flickr
july 11 2012 iphone 1142am instagram
Cold-brewed coffee. In the afternoon. In a mason jar. #steretype
Taken from my iPhone
Photo by Adam Lehman on Flickr
cold ice glass coffee recipe milk beverage iced cubes recipes caffeine pint brew brewed
cold-brewed iced coffee
Via Ingredients: 1/3 cup ground coffee (medium-coarse grind is best) Milk (optional). 1. In a jar, stir together coffee and 1 1/2 cups water. Cover and let rest at room temperature overnight or 12...
Photo by on Flickr
coffee coldbrew brewpony
Straining the 8 jars of cold brew took most of the morning, even using two filter setups: Chemex on the left, Clever Dripper on the right. I didn't get the chance to measure it, but judging by the levels in the final...
Photo by VMBrasseur on Flickr
coffee delicious cheesecloth straining balljar coldbrewedicedcoffee
My rudimentary filtration process. It worked! Ball jars: rocking your world since sometime early last century.
Photo by petit hiboux on Flickr
coffee delicious balljar coldbrewedicedcoffee
worth the hype
Cold-brew method. Srsly, people. They are not kidding. They are not unmitigated snobs. They are TRYING TO SAVE YOU. Cold-brew it. You can thank me later.
Photo by petit hiboux on Flickr
Slowly pour the brewed coffee concentrate through the filter and into ...
Slowly pour the brewed coffee concentrate through the filter and into ...
Recipe: Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee | The Zen of Making Why yes, there ...
Recipe: Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee | The Zen of Making Why yes, there ...
Image by
cold brew coffee concentrate (need large mason jar with lid).
cold brew coffee concentrate (need large mason jar with lid).
Image by

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