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Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 2 Quart - Succeed a do over Amazing Cold Brew Coffee and Tea with This Durable Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter and Stainless Steel Lid by County Line Kitchen

  • Safe - No BPA, no plastics. Our brewer's components are all made of...
  • You will enjoy our high quality, stainless steel filter. Our filter...
  • You can also cold brew tea and our brewer makes a great infuser...

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Simply pour coarse ground coffee into the filter basket, add water and allow to steep for 24 to 48 hours. Remove the filter basket and discard the grounds and you have 1.5 quarts of delicious coffee concentrate. All components are dishwasher safe.



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KLEIN Cold Brew Kit – Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Wide Door Mason Jar Filter for Brewing Coffee Concentrate and Infused Tea at Home – 100 Micron Mesh – Stainless Steel – Free Spoon & Silicone Seal by Klein Industries

  • COMPLETE COLD BREW SYSTEM: The Klein Cold Brew Kit is designed from...
  • FITS ALL WIDE MOUTH MASON JARS: Our versatile Mason Jar Infuser and...
  • PROFESSIONAL COLD BREW AT HOME: Just add your favorite freshly...

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- Stainless steel filter
- Silicone seal
- Spoon

1. Pour coffee grounds and water into the filter.
2. Cover and allow to steep for 12-24 hours.
3. Remove the filter and discard the grounds, enjoy!



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Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Tea Infuser Kit - 2 Quart Eyeglasses Ball Mason Jar, reCAP Pour Spout, and Conical Stainless Steel Filter by Crave

  • COMPLETE BREW KIT AND POUR SPOUT - Easily make delicious cold brew...
  • HEAVY DUTY FILTER - Our 100 micron dutch weave stainless steel...
  • BREW ANYTHING - Not only can you make delicious cold brew coffee...

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The CRAVE Cold Brew kit will make you that perfect smooth, low acidity coffee that you're craving. It's as simple as adding coffee grounds and water to the kit and letting it sit in your fridge for 12-24 hours. Every day you wake up to a fresh batch of cold brew coffee with enough to share. It...


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Zell Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Iced Coffee & Tea Maker Infuser for Mason Jars | Permanent Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Filter | 32 Oz (1 Quart) by Zell

  • ✔ Add to Cart Risk Free: Buy with confidence! Perfect gift for any...
  • ✔ Smooth Cold Coffee: Make a batch of delicious cold brew coffee....
  • ✔ Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe: Make your own cold brew coffee...

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Zell Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Maker Infuser | Durable Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Filter | 32 Oz (1 Quart)
Fits 32 oz Wide Mouth Mason Jar: Use our Zell fine mesh filter with a 32 oz (1 quart or 945 ml) wide mouth mason jar, like the affordable Ball Mason...

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Hario Water Dripper Clear - WDC-6 - Cold Brew Coffee Dripper (from 2 stores)

by Hario (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $290.00 - $290.00
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For a smooth, mellow brew, this beautifully designed coffeemaker uses the classic cold-drip method to produce full-flavored coffee concentrate ideal for making iced beverages and for use in recipes. Use right away or store the concentrate in the fridge, so when youa re ready for a steaming cup of coffee, just mix with hot water. The classic brewing system brings out coffeea s flavor and aroma...

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Sur La Table Sur La Table $290.00 Shop »
Sur La Table Sur La Table $290.00 Shop »
KitchenAid KCG0702CU Burr Coffee Grinder, Contour Silver

by Stalion (Miscellaneous)

Price: $249.95
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Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Experimentation!

Cold brew coffee tastes incredibly suave, isn't just for ice coffee, and it's easy to make.

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Twinings B02478 Twinings Cold Brew Lady Grey Iced Tea -6x20 Bag
Twinings B02478 Twinings Cold Brew Lady Grey Iced Tea -6x20 Bag


Enjoy Twinings Cold Brew Lady Grey Iced Tea (6x20 Bag). Twinings has perfected the art of delivering a glass of refreshing iced tea in just minutes! So innovative and easy-to-use, you no longer have to wait for the water to boil, bags to brew and tea to cool. Simply add water, let stand, add ice...

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black DRX5-RB
Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black DRX5-RB


Classic functionality keeps brewing simple and easy. Just set it up, turn it on and brew. There you have it! Rich-tasting coffee expertly-brewed for you without the fuss. Set it ahead of time with Delay Brew and stir your senses as you wake up to aromatic, freshly-brewed coffee. Grab-A-Cup Auto...


EAT: Cold Brew Coffee at M.E. Toing Coffee Co. (Alexandria, Del Ray)

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Let’s Pledge to Health

That is unless I descry what I am drinking delicious and can’t wait to drink it all down. Source: Make it. Eat it. Love it.

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  • How To Brew Iced Coffee In A Mason Jar, Just Like A Hipster

    07/24/14 ,via The Huffington Post

    Each knows how to drink an iced coffee out of a mason jar -- a walk through the streets of Brooklyn is testament to that -- but did you be versed you could also use that same mason jar to make the best cold brew coffee you've ever had? Because you can.

  • Cold Brewed Coffee Lucid and Affordable with Mason Jar Joe

    Mason Jar Joe launched a Kickstarter struggle at to raise funds for mass production of a two piece unchanging stainless steel filter to make and store cold brewed coffee in mason jars. Father Webster (Mitch) Sheffield capitalized on ...


Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Proof! - YouTube

Cold brew coffee tastes incredibly unctuous, isn't just for ice coffee, and it's easy to make. You don't need to pay $11 for a pint from the local fancy food ...

How to Cold Brew Coffee - The Nourishing Lucullus

Cold brew coffee makes a satiny, non-bitter coffee that is especially perfect for iced coffee. I shared this over at the other week, but it’s such a ...

july 11 2012 iphone 1142am instagram
Cold-brewed coffee. In the afternoon. In a mason jar. #steretype
Taken from my iPhone
Photo by Adam Lehman on Flickr
coffee coldbrew brewpony
Preparing to start
I bought a case of 1 quart wide-mouth Mason jars for this purpose. I only used eight of them (one for each flavor plus two batches of plain cold brew ).
Photo by VMBrasseur on Flickr
Cold brew Vietnamese coffee in the requisite mason jar. A spot of cream. #PMpickmeup
/via iPhone
Photo by Special*Dark on Flickr
mason jars
mason jars
Image by
Found on
Found on
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Recipe: Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee | The Zen of Making
Recipe: Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee | The Zen of Making

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