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Cold Brew Coffee Packs - Simple at Home Brewing - Makes 100 oz of BOLD Cold Brew - 66% Less Acidic - Cold Grinds French (Dark Roast) by Cold Grinds

  • WARNING - our cold brew contains more caffeine per serving than...
  • Check out our new BIG Bags - larger size, even better value
  • GO GREEN! K-Cups create a LOT of waste. Cold Grinds filter packs...

Product Description

  • Our French Roast is a dark blend with a BOLD flavor and smooth finish. This one is for the people who enjoy their coffee strong
  • One package contains 8 filter bags and will brew about 100 ounces of strong cold brew coffee. Make a big batch and it’ll stay fresh for TEN...


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Don Francisco’s Coherent Cold Brew Coffee, Premium 100% Arabica Beans, 4 Pitcher Packs (makes 2 pitchers) by Don Francisco

  • 4 pitcher packs make twelve 8 fl. oz. servings
  • Can be served over ices, on its own, or with cream and sugar
  • Custom coffee blend developed to be brewed cold. Medium Dark Roast

Product Description

In the summer of 1870, our family's passion for the world's finest coffee became the inspiration for a dedicated family business. Don Francisco's Coffee, named for our grandfather, reflects the art of roasting he learned as a young boy and later passed down to us. Today we continue to honor his...


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La Pod Cold Brew One Coffee Pods | Separate Cup or Batch Brewing Pods | (12 Count - Simple, Scalable Home Brewing for Cold Brew Coffee)

  • Cold Brew OneTM Offers a Silky Smooth Taste with Lower Acidity...
  • The Freshest Way To Get Cold Brew Coffee (and less expensive than...
  • Easy To Use -- Cold Brew Exactly How Much You Want with Our Simple...

Product Description

From a single cup to a whole pitcher, make fresh, high-end cold brew coffee as much as you want when you want it. Cold Brew OneTM coffee pods offer a fresh cold brew process that's simple, clean, and fresh: One Pod = One Serving. Ready-to-brew coffee is packaged individually in a micro-mesh...

Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew Coffee Packs Hairless & Rich Ground Coffee, 8.46 oz by Dunkin' Donuts

  • Steep two coffee packs overnight (or 8-12 hours) for cold brew...
  • Cold brew coffee is best if served as iced coffee or straight out...
  • One box includes four total coffee packs of Dunkin' Donuts Cold...

Product Description

Why Cold Brew? Cold brew coffee is the product of a craft coffee brewing method that results in a balanced and blended coffee-forward taste. No barista? No problem. Now, it's easier than ever to enjoy delicious, rich and smooth cold brew coffee at home or in the office. Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew...

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Orgain Organic Cold Brew Coffee plus Protein Iced Mocha - 11.5 fl oz pack of 12

by Orgain (Miscellaneous)

Price: $76.99
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Orgain Organic Cold Brew Coffee plus Protein Iced Coffee - 11.5 fl oz pack of 12

by Orgain (Miscellaneous)

Price: $77.99
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Grady's Cold Brew Grady's Cold Brew Coffee Beans - 12 Each-12 Each

Seller: Puritan's Pride Puritan's Pride

From the Manufacturer: Make Your Own Iced Coffee! Gradys Cold Brew Bean Bags are a DIY cold brew kit that lets anyone make a weeks worth of cold-brewed iced coffee fresh at home. The compact, collectible can contains four bean bagsliterally, bags filled with our famous iced coffee recipe of ground coffee beans, chicory, and spicesthat you soak overnight in water and easily dispose of (or...

STARESSO SP-200 Manual Coffee Maker with Espresso Cappuccino Quick Cold Brew All in One

Seller: EachBuyer EachBuyer

1 ESPRESSO foam + CAPPUCCINO STARESSO ice drops STARESSO American coffee coffee capsules five functions in one. 2 portable easy to use easy to clean. 3 no electricity unlimited use. 4 the core components of all imported food grade materials safe and secure. Model: SP-200 Colour: Pink/black Main material: 304 stainless steel Tank material: PCTG Product size: 204 * 71 * 71mm Maximum tank...


Madesco Cold Brew Coffee Bags: a DiY flyover for you

Hi Superb.

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Washable Disc Filter for Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Makers
Washable Disc Filter for Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Makers


Cold brew coffee is a life saver for those of us who love coffee, but not what the acidity does to our stomachs. This filter is stainless steel, so there's no loss of any of the flavor or caffeol oils that can be absorbed by paper filters. Plus this filter is washable and reusable; just rinse it...

Twinings B02478 Twinings Cold Brew Lady Grey Iced Tea -6x20 Bag
Twinings B02478 Twinings Cold Brew Lady Grey Iced Tea -6x20 Bag


Enjoy Twinings Cold Brew Lady Grey Iced Tea (6x20 Bag). Twinings has perfected the art of delivering a glass of refreshing iced tea in just minutes! So innovative and easy-to-use, you no longer have to wait for the water to boil, bags to brew and tea to cool. Simply add water, let stand, add ice...


Cold coffee hotter than still in US - Island Packet

Coffee makers from international giants JAB and Illy to smaller upstarts such as High Brew, La Colombe and Chameleon Cold-Brew are putting their brews on ice. Source:

Clarke blasts 3-cent sugary-drinks tax as 'insane' -

He pressed Kenney's regulation to take another look at a beverage-container tax, a Council alternative the mayor's office says won't raise enough gross income. Source:

Latest News

  • From the nervous of death to the tips of her new fingers, Julie Dombo won't give up

    05/29/16 ,via Wichita Eagle

    Each second she sipped her coffee through a straw was in part due to the endless hours of support from friends and family, who stayed by her side every day and slept next to her sanitarium bed every night. I don't want to die. She was, at 122 pounds

  • Dunkin' Donuts just announced new confectionery bar iced coffee flavors to be released next week

    05/26/16 ,via

    According to Dunkin' Donuts, both of the tea varieties are less than 100 calories for any appraise. Not so much for the candy-bar flavored iced coffee though, both of which pack 20 to 40 grams of sugar and 100 to 200 calories, depending on the measure assess. And


  • Eat Your Heart Out: The Look Good, Feel Good, Silver Lining Cookbook

    The Countryman Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781581575736,1581575734. 240 pages.

    A get-healthy, get-strong cookbook from a celebrity ex Looking--and feeling--good is the best revenge. So when Dean Sheremet's marriage to LeAnn Rimes went up in smoke, he decided to put his life...

  • Rocket Fuel

    VeloPress. 2016. ISBN: 9781937716790,1937716791. 256 pages.

    In Rocket Fuel, award-winning dietitian Matt Kadey offers up delicious, creative, and convenient real-food recipes to power your everyday exercise and weekend adventures. Kadey's ingenious Rocket...

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  • Cold coffee is booming in the U.S.

    05/24/16 ,via Denver Post

    “Perchance you want to have a six-pack for your picnic,” Edwards said. “You don’t go to a coffee shop and buy 10 coffees for your fete, but you’ll buy cold brew . It’s like beer, like craft beer.”

  • Cold Coffee Is Booming in the U.S.; Now Every one Is Piling In

    05/23/16 ,via Bloomberg

    “Perhaps you want to have a six-pack for your picnic,” said Edwards. “You don’t go to a coffee shop and buy 10 coffees for your social gathering, but you’ll buy cold brew . It’s like beer, like craft beer.”


Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee | Starbucks Coffee Attendance

Safeguard 25% on select Starbucks VIA® Instant Iced Coffee & Refreshers™, and Syrups & Sauces through 5/29 Snitch on now »

Credulous Cold-Brewed Coffee Recipe - Chowhound

This formula for cold-brewed coffee makes a smooth brew for iced caffeinated beverages without any fancy equipment.

collage fdsflickrtoys mosaic photoaday year3 project365 bighugelabs wwwbilladayblogspotcom
Photo-a-Day Year 3 Mosaic
One: 1. Day 365: Busy Little Bees, 2. guitar hero, stuffed edition, 3. Rock out., 4. Attention... water comes out of faucets, 5. embodies a sole, 6. meet the bride, 7. new house, new puppy, 8. with a face like that,...
Photo by Bill Selak on Flickr
Coffee Gelee with Curry Powder Whipped Cream Topping
ingredients For gelée 6 tablespoons finely ground (for filter) dark-roast coffee 2 1/4 cups boiling-hot water plus 1 tablespoon cold water 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 1 /2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin (from one 1/4-oz...
Photo by Vita Arina on Flickr
In-room cold-brew coffee.
Single-shot instructable: how to cold-brew horrible hotel-room coffee filter packs into something wonderful. #sxsw Full instructions are here :
Photo by kentbrew on Flickr
Cold Brew Coffee Packs
Cold Brew Coffee Packs
Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 4 Pack | This 4-pack of cold brew ...
Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 4 Pack | This 4-pack of cold brew ...
Image by
Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 4 Pack | Food & Drink Beverages ...
Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - 4 Pack | Food & Drink Beverages ...
Image by

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