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Favour Boxed, Organic Coffee of the Month Club, Rain Forest Alliance Fair Trade Coffee, Shipped Monthly for Six Months, First Shipment Is Gift Boxed, First Gift for Organic coffee Lovers, All Occasions by Aloha Island Coffee

  • Free monthly shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.
  • All of our roast profiles are included; dark, medium, and light.
  • Our Organic Arabica Coffee is hand selected from single estate...

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Our Organic Arabica Paradise Blends are superb! Now you or your gift recipient can enjoy a new selection each and every month for six months! (8 oz Whole Bean) We ship the first month in our bright red gift box. All of our roast profiles are included; dark, medium, and light. Our Organic Arabica...


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Sparse Organic Coffee Beans By Lifeboost - Single Origin Organic Fair Trade Nicaragua Coffee Beans - 12 oz Whole Bean Medium Roast by Lifeboost Coffee

  • QUALITY LIKE NO OTHER - We Take pride knowing that your coffee is...
  • LIFEBOOST GUARANTEE -If you are not completely satisfied, we'll...

Product Description

We're blessed to grow our single origin Nicaraguan beans in high-elevation soil (at 5,700 feet) - where Mycotoxins struggle to colonize.

We also go through a rigorous process of preparing the beans for roasting... to further avoid any kind of fungal development.

We harvest the...


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Teavana , Boycott Teavana Perfectea Maker , 16oz by Teavana

  • An efficient simple and clean way to steep tea
  • Add tea and water at the correct temperature then put the tea maker...
  • Material Plastic

Product Description

Description: Teavana Perfectea Maker Brew Loose-Leaf Tea in 3 Ways Steps

♥ An efficient simple and clean way to steep tea
♥ Add tea and water at the correct temperature then put the tea maker on your faavorite mug
♥ The patented drain mechanism will strain the tea into your...


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Tanzanian Peaberry, Peaberry Players Club, 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee, Channel Roast, Ground, 8oz (2 Pack) by BOCA JAVA

  • This premium Peaberry coffee from Tanzania, Africa is fresh roasted...
  • Roasted using a small batch technique that delivers perfectly timed...
  • Pack of 2, 8 ounce stay-fresh bags (1 pound fresh-roasted coffee);...

Product Description

Characterized by smoothness and rich flavor, peaberry coffee is a particular type of coffee bean that results from the cherry of the coffee plant containing just a single round bean rather than 2 flat-sided half beans. The Tanzanian Arabica coffee beans used for Boca Java’s single origin Peaberry...

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Newman's Own Organics Special Blend Coffee (100 K-Cups) (from 4 stores)

by Green Mountain (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $49.98 - $69.99
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About the Blend: Bold yet refined. This coffee is strong yet smooth, a study in contradiction, or a reflection of the man for whom it was created; maybe both? This inspired blend of medium-roasted Central American coffees and darker-roasted Indonesians is rich, robust, and satisfying, with ample body to stand up to all the cream and sugar that you might want to add to the party. About the Brand...

Sellers Price Buy Now $60.99 Shop »
Sam's Club Sam's Club $49.98 Shop » USA, LLC USA, LLC $59.70 Shop »
Office Depot and OfficeMax Office Depot and OfficeMax $69.99 Shop »
Member's Mark Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee (100 single-serve cups) (from 2 stores)

by Member's Mark (Coffee Beans & Grind Coffee)

Prices range: $39.98 - $1,000.00
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Light roasts are the perfect way to experience varietal flavors of coffee that lie hidden behind the roasted, smoky flavors of darker roasts. Generally, a shorter roasting time allows for more retention of the caffeine found in the coffee beans. Member's Mark Breakfast Blend Coffee is distinguished by its sweet aroma, smooth body and pronounced acidity. The cups are compatible with all...

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Sam's Club Sam's Club $39.98 Shop » USA, LLC USA, LLC $1,000.00 Shop »
Wicked Joe Organic Fair Trade First Tracks Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee, 12 oz (Pack of 6)


Wicked Joe Organic Fair Trade First Tracks Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee: Light roast with a touch of darkMaine roastedUSDA organicFair trade certified

GMT5493 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Fair Trade Organic House Blend Decaf Coffee Fraction Packs, 2.5Oz, 5

Seller: by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Acquaint yourself with this decaffeinated cornerstone of this roaster's line of organic, Fair Trade Certified coffees. It delivers the complementary flavor tones that coffee connoisseurs expect from a masterful fusion of medium and dark roasted premium C


Epicure, organic and fair trade coffee

Growers Coalition coffee specializes in the finest, gourmet, organic and fair trade coffees from the best coffee growing countries in the world.

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Fair Trade Drk Blend Rst Ground Coffee 12 Oz Organic Ground Can Cafe Altura
Fair Trade Drk Blend Rst Ground Coffee 12 Oz Organic Ground Can Cafe Altura


The Original Organic Coffee Hand Grown on Cooperatives Coffee the Way Nature Intended Fair Trade Certified Kosher Certified Kosher USDA Organic Certified Organic by Stellar Certification Services Cafe Altura Fair Trade coffees are organically grown at altitudes above 3000 feet on small farm...

Old Chicago C00316 Fair Trade Certified Green Coffee Beans
Old Chicago C00316 Fair Trade Certified Green Coffee Beans


Fair Trade Certified shade grown green coffee beans which flourish at the higher altitudes of the Andes Mountains in Bolivia. Single origin and ready for your coffee roaster. These are the same coffee beans we offer from the Caranavi growing region. Item Weight - 2.5 lbs.


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Paris mayor's war on cars moves up a materials with ban in heart of city - FRANCE 24

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo fired another sniper across the bow at the capital’s car culture on Sunday, in the face of increasing criticism. Source:

Latest News

  • Paris mayor's war on cars moves up a mechanism with ban in heart of city

    01/10/17 ,via FRANCE 24

    The kickback to that project, which redirects 43,000 cars a day in order to reclaim the riverbank for pedestrians -- to include “boules” pitches, a leeway for young artists, a fair-trade coffee club and spaces for debates -- spurred an unprecedented

  • One Dish: Tucked-away retro diner in Medfield

    01/10/17 ,via Wicked Local Medfield

    The old-be that as it may soda fountain features Maine Root handcrafted sodas made with Fair Trade organic evaporated cane juice. Soda flavors subsume regular and With counter, stools, coffee always brewing, and wonderful small town, hometown conversations


  • Javatrekker

    Chelsea Green Publishing. 2007. ISBN: 9781603581547,1603581545. 300 pages.

    In each cup of coffee we drink the major issues of the twenty-first century-globalization, immigration, women's rights, pollution, indigenous rights, and self-determination-are played out in...

  • The Voluntary Environmentalists

    Cambridge University Press. 2006. ISBN: 110732095X,9781107320956.

    Can businesses voluntarily adopt progressive environmental policies? Most environmental regulations are based on the assumption that the pursuit of profit leads firms to pollute the environment,...

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    01/09/17 ,via

    Music, colour, clay, dens and bubbles, baby book club and baby bath every now here will ensure the ... For information and tickets visit The next Fair Trade Coffee Morning will be held in Oulton Village Theatre on Monday 20 February...

  • Fair Trade in Bloom

    02/05/15 ,via New York Times

    Mr. Paiva’s beans will be in the assemble-brand coffee sold by Sam’s Club, the warehouse chain of Wal-Mart Stores. Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s and Starbucks already market some fair trade coffee . “We see a real momentum now with big companies and ...


Fair Trade Coffee, Integral Coffee: Grounds for Change

Grounds for Swap: Fair Trade coffee roaster providing exclusively fair trade organic coffee with a comprehensive wholesale fair trade coffee program. Grounds for ...

Fair Trade and Ingrained Coffees

When you buy coffee certified as Fair Trade or biotic (or both), you’re brewing in support of a cause: read more about these coffees.

shopping supermarketnightmare
'My Supermarket Nightmare'
I just hate the whole supermarket experience Across the country local shops have been wiped out by supermarkets. My mum had all her groceries delivered from the local shop back in the 1950s. The shop keeper knew...
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food coffee vegan coffeecup wigglebuttsclub corgimug
A Corgi Cup o' Coffee
I didn't have my first cup of coffee until I was 36 and still do not partake of it regularly. When I have a hankering I use the Corgi mug my husband (who HATES coffee BTW) gave me as a gift. I used to buy only whole...
Photo by valeehill on Flickr
speed centre shift eaton nuitblanche
Speed Shift
View On Black This was an exhibit called Speed Shift by an artist named Erwin Redl and the theme was advertising dominating our society. I love it for that reason, not just because it looks cool. I can't be alone in...
Photo by Dim Sum! on Flickr
Fair trade coffee club #iamabzzagent | Great Coffee, Good Vibes #iama ...
Fair trade coffee club #iamabzzagent | Great Coffee, Good Vibes #iama ...
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Tony's Organic Fair Trade Coffee Club - Tony's Coffee
Tony's Organic Fair Trade Coffee Club - Tony's Coffee
fair trade single origin
fair trade single origin
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