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COFFIG (Roast Found). Coffee Alternative. Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, & Acid Free by Coffig

  • 100% Black Figs * 1 Ingredient Only
  • Gluten Free
  • 2x More Concentrated Then Regular Coffee * Makes 65 Cups

Product Description

COFFIG is a coffee alternative! Get your coffee experience without any harmful effects from caffeine. COFFIG is an exciting new healthy and tasty drink made in America, from the finest dry Mission figs from California. This COFFIG stand up bag provides ground COFFIG to be made as regular coffee...


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Capomo (Maya Nut) Has Arrived - "THE" Coffee Choice. Caffeine Free, Gluten Free and Delicious - 12 oz. by Tattva's Herbs

  • Can't get off Coffee? Well let us help you. Take the Capomo...
  • High in potassium, fiber, calcium, tryptophan, iron, zinc and...
  • Fat free, low in calories, free of gluten, soy, dairy and all...

Product Description

Tattva's Herbs is proud to present our new Capomo (Maya Nut) Coffee alternative. This caffeine - free superfood drink looks, tastes and smells very similar to coffee, while boasting countless health benefits. Capomo (sometimes referred to as Maya Nut, Bread Nut, Ramon Nut, etc.) is rich in...


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French Chicory Utterly (Coffee Substitute), Dark Roast, All-Purpose Filter Grind, Caffeine Free, Acid Free, Worldwide Botanicals 1 lb.(454g) by Worldwide Botanicals

  • County of origin: France
  • Easy to reseal ziplock bag keeps flavor fresh. The all-purpose...
  • Cichorium intybus. 100% French chicory root, roasted to perfection....

Product Description

Roasted French chicory root is the secret to making "French Coffee" New Orleans style. Chicory imparts a smoother, less acidic flavor to coffee making it easier on both your taste buds and your stomach. It's also an important herbal tea ingredient that adds more body to weak teas. Chicory root...

Teeccino Gluten Free Methodical Chicory Herbal Tea Dandelion Dark Roast Tea Bags, Caffeine Free, Acid Free 10 count by Teeccino

  • The rich taste of coffee with the health benefits of herbal tea...
  • 3 times more product than standard tea bags to produce full-bodied...
  • Naturally caffeine free and acid free, Teeccino provides a natural...

Product Description

Deep roasted body with pure coffee notes from dandelion roots and ramón seeds. A background of bitterness from dandelion roots help stimulate detoxification. Teeccino’s dandelion flavors are the only brand of coffee alternatives that are certified gluten free and 100% grain free. Teeccino’s 6g...

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Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds 8 oz - Vegan (from 2 stores)

by vitas Naturals

Prices range: $21.99 - $133.86
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Nature's Perfect Protein Long recognized as an excellent source of nutrition and energy, hemp foods have been used by humans for over 12,000 years all around the world, and continue to be one of the top-rated superfoods. Navitas Naturals Hemp Protein is nothing more than the finely-milled natural hempseed cake, and is a mild-tasting protein powder that blends perfectly when added to a smoothie...

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Puritan's Pride Puritan's Pride $21.99 Shop » $133.86 Shop »
Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20 oz Frappe Maker

by Mr. Coffee (Coffee Grinders, Makers & Espresso Machines)

Price: $79.88
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Silver Fern Brand Gluten-Free German Chocolate Brownies Was: $16.99 Now: $5.99

Offer ends 03/30/20

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Wise Food Storage Wise Food Storage Wise Company Gluten free 152 Serving freeze Dried Fruit - Buy Now at $159.99!

Offer ends 01/14/95

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Limoncello Gluten-Free Cheesecake, For 12 People

Seller: Horchow Horchow by Alaska Silk Pie Co Alaska Silk Pie Co

Gluten-free almond biscotti bottom sprinkled with toasted pine nuts topped with Limoncello white-chocolate cheesecake batter. Slowly baked to a creamy finish, then topped with a layer of white-chocolate Grand Marnier silk cream and finished with a layer of white chocolate curls. Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free bakery. 6"Dia. x 3"T. Serves 12; approximately 3.5 ounces per serving. Ships...

Goldbaum's Gluten Free Sugar Cones, 12 count, 4.7 oz

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by Generic Generic

Goldbaum's Gluten Free Sugar Cones: Naturally healthyExceptionally delicious


How to Bring about My Herbal Coffee Substitutes :: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Caffeine-Free, Acid-Free

Jump the expensive, sugar-laden coffee shop drinks this summer and make your own frappe at home with my delicious herbal coffees.

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Chike Nutrition 7830001 High Protein Coffee Coffee - Gluten Free
Chike Nutrition 7830001 High Protein Coffee Coffee - Gluten Free


High Protein Coffee, Coffee. Energy + Protein. High Protein Coffee. Made with real Espresso Coffee. Aspartame Free. Gluten Free. 2 Espresso Shots. 20g Whey Protein. 23 Vitamins & Minerals. 2g Sugar. The perfect beverage. Supercharge your mornings, beat that afternoon slump or give your workouts a...



Gluten/wheat free. Trans fat free. Cholesterol free. About the Gluten-Free Pantry: When my son and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the inability to digest gluten, our food choices became very limited. As a professional chef, I was making wonderful pastries, pizzas and breads for others, but...


Kitchenette Intuition: Single-serving cornbread -

One day final weekend, I went off on a day trip, and when I got home, I found my husband in the kitchen cooking some of Bryant Terry ’s vegan gumbo . It smelled staggering, so even though I’d had a whole meal right before getting in the car to drive... Source:

Troublesome to Eat More Vegan Meals? You Need These 20 Pantry Staples! - One Green Planet

A intimately-stocked pantry will give you more options for cooking nutritious and delicious meals. Source:

Latest News

  • Kitchenette Intuition: Single-serving cornbread

    08/14/16 ,via

    This seemed like the deft time to try out one of the coffee mug recipes I've been collecting. Have you seen any yet? They come in amounts for making just a They all used a combination of cornmeal, flour (either regular or gluten-free), baking

  • Taxing to Eat More Vegan Meals? You Need These 20 Pantry Staples!

    08/12/16 ,via One Green Planet

    Zinke Orchards Creamy Almond Butter, for as it happens, is free from additives and preservatives, is manufactured in a peanut-free facility, and is made from just one ingredient: dry roasted almonds. It is also gluten-free, salt-free, and kosher


  • Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology

    Cengage Learning. 2015. ISBN: 9781305446007,1305446003. 1008 pages.

    NUTRITION THERAPY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, 3E provides a comprehensive review of disease pathophysiology and treatment with a focus on current research into and application of evidence-based...

  • Divine Gluten Free Baking

    Anita D.Parekh. 2014. ISBN: 9781631026348,1631026348. 204 pages.

    Get armed with key knowledge to create professional looking and tasting GLUTEN FREE breads, brownies, muffins, cookies, cakes, and more. Bakers of all skill levels will have no trouble creating...

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  • Vegan, Gluten Free Banana Bread Blondies

    08/10/16 ,via

    These vegan, gluten free banana bread blondies put together two of my favorite things ... And enjoy them I have, often with a cup of coffee, and always with gratitude for cooking as a feather of self-care. When I talk about “self-care” through food, I ...

  • Not so Restricted

    08/14/16 ,via The Ledger Independent

    I’ll not in any degree forget the customer who asked a server, who then asked me, if our coffee was gluten-free. After speaking to the customer ... Here are a few suggestions: • Dill Dressing: Substitute 2 tablespoons chopped dill for the basil.


Halt Eating Gluten-Free Foods

People with celiac complaint should stop eating gluten-free foods and focus on eating healthy. This is the way to the healing that we need and deserve.

Delicious Gluten-Free Apple Cake | Who says coeliacs can't ...

Hi, loyal to find your blog. Im trying my husband on a gluten free diet, hes had digestive problems for,years and although the docs cant plumb it, ive looked up his ...

... Organic Chicory Cup Instant Coffee Substitute gluten free, 100g
... Organic Chicory Cup Instant Coffee Substitute gluten free, 100g
Caffeine-free, Gluten-free Coffee Alternative-TEECCINO - Kitchology ...
Caffeine-free, Gluten-free Coffee Alternative-TEECCINO - Kitchology ...
... Original Barley Cup Coffee Substitute Powder in 200g from Barleycup
... Original Barley Cup Coffee Substitute Powder in 200g from Barleycup

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